I have added a home project to Github if any one is looking at pushing data to PVO from their Powerwall 2.

Currently in Beta, would appreciate any feedback.



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Thanks. This looks great.

BTW, it looks like the “sqldate” in PW_PVOExport.py should strip the “seconds” portion from time. I was unable to find any matching row info in the data. Dropping the “seconds” portion of time was able to get the rows.

Cheers for using it, the seconds shouldn’t give you any grief. One thing that may have been the issue, is you won’t get any data back until you have run the data logger for at least 5 minutes. Also too it’s not doing a match, simply bringing records back that are greater than sqldate.

Gotcha. I guess I didn’t let it run long enough. Seeing data now.

Is there a max size on the sqlite file? Just wondering about storage space.

Not currently, I plan on adding that shortly. May run a function at the end of PVOExport to keep the data at N months. So then it’s up to you.

Yes, an option to limit storage would be welcome.

Any plans to move the configuration options to a separate config file? It’ll make updating the code from github easier without having to re-enter setup again.

Also, an option to increase logging detail to maybe show the values sent to pvoutput?

Thanks for the suggestions, will definitely add them to my list. Are you using the extended values? Or just sending the solar data?

Extended values. I’m using the datalogger/pvoexport to send solar and powerwall data.

I’ve been using the pvoutput integration service, so was happy to see your python version. I’ll give it a try for a few days.

My system: https://pvoutput.org/list.jsp?userid=63331

Great good to hear.

I’ve updated a few things, did the separate config like you suggested and added a db cleanup at the end of the PVOExport - its based on days you will see it in the config

Oh and also did some logging after the export to PVO - its a bit of a hack at this stage, need to improve on that.

Great, I’ll check it out.

I’ve been using the PVOExport/Datalogger for less than a day, but noticed “Energy Used” and “Power Used” values are blank. See, https://pvoutput.org/intraday.jsp?id=63331&sid=56353&dt=20180313

Is there something I’m missing?

I must not be including those values, I’ll take a look.

Should be sorted, let me know how you go.

Thanks for the update. Appears to be working. I see values for Energy/Power used now.

Hi guys. Looks like awesome work and just what I need. Only problem is my skill in using it is lacking.

Wondering if it would be possible for this to be put into a Docker image so I could easily get it up and running on my Synology without having to worry about python versions etc?


Not able to get this going, i logged to https://github.com/ekul135/Powerwall2PVOutput/issues/3 before finding this page so wonder if someone may be able to help.

My PVO is https://pvoutput.org/intraday.jsp?id=61344&sid=55404&dt=20180525

It appears data is going into sqlite but not getting to PVO?

EDIT: Got it working now, seemed to be time zone related and also cron doesn’t seem to be working, may need to change into the local directory or something for it to run


Thank you, but could you explain, how do I run this software? What do I need to execute it?

Just a heads-up that following a recent software update, the Powerwall API now requires authentication.
So, if your Extended Data feed is broken, that’s perhaps the reason.

Details here: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/5322242/


Code has been updated to handle the auth.