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I’ve been enjoying PVOutput for about seven years, monitoring my solar output and power usage. I recently updated my solar output to reflect my new panels, and messed everything up. I’m now able to see solar generated, but I still can’t see power or energy used. I’ve been perusing these pages, but haven’t found a comprehensive page that helps me understand what I’m doing wrong. Can someone point me to where I can gain a better understanding which settings I need to change?

My panels are feeding a Solar Edge 6000. Power usage is drawn from Watt Vision which gets information from a Rainforest Eagle. Both devices communicate with my San Diego Gas and Electric meter. Thanks.

Check that the wattvision sensor id entered (314****02) is correct since the error from is wattvision is “Sensor not found.”

No, it wasn’t entered correctly; thank you. I’m uncertain how I missed it. Now, I must wait to see if it’s recording correctly. Thank you for your help!

Hmmm, I’m still not seeing any power/energy used. Is the sensor recognized?

For whatever reason, PVOutput started reporting Power Used and Energy Used at 1720 PDT yesterday. Then, it stopped reporting today at 0850 PDT. I’ve confirmed that Wattvision is showing output. What can account for this behavior?

I’ve detected a pattern. As soon as PVOutput begins recording significant solar output, it stops recording power usage. Power usage recording continues when solar output approaches zero. What PVOutput setting accounts for this?

May this may be too simple - as long as there is significant solar output (which is greater than power consumed) then all power used comes from the solar system so nett no power consumption from the grid…

There may be something to your idea. PVOutput was able to display both solar output and power used up until I adjusted solar panel information. Perhaps I have it set up to display net power used? I’m going through the system setup, but I can’t find areas where I can adjust the display to show total power used. Any ideas?

If the energy/power generation is unrealistically high compared to the system size then it will be rejected and not be recorded. This can also affect the consumption if it is a secondary device on the Auto Uploader.

I don’t think this situation applies to this case. PVOutput reported both power consumed and generated up to a few weeks ago. There is only two people consuming power in my household. I’ve attached a screenshot of recent output that shows how PVOutput reports power used until the panels start producing about 400 watts. PVOutput|666x500

It looks okay now, not sure if this was manually updated or not -

OK, this is odd. Your screenshot shows power used displayed consistently across the day. Yet, the view on three different computers at my location still show that power used is not visible when power generated reaches about 500 watts. Here is the screen shot from yesterday’s production.

You’re right the previous screenshot had the “No Gaps” setting enabled. It looks like the below without hiding gaps.

Looking at the Auto Uploading configuration -

  • Primary = SolarEdge (Solar)
  • Secondary = Wattvision (Consumption)

If the wattvision is measuring net data then the direction configuration should be changed from “Consumption” to “Net”.

A negative reading (solar export) would not register on PVOutput and the “Net” setting will convert these values to gross consumption, which is always positive.

Mr. Bankstown: your direction was spot on. I’m now reading production and consumption properly. Thank you very much.

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