Power dropped - Fronius

I was monitoring the solar generation today and observed a sudden drop in power generation at around 12:45 PM although the temperature was about 29 degree celius.

I was expecting a higher generation today, but it was below my expectation - OAKHILL_QCELL_SYMO 13.200kW

Has anybody experienced this before? Any thoughts?


I had a big cloud come over about a half-hour later than yours, making the same big dip - maybe more severe.
The pattern up to around 4pm when the spike indicates the cloud cover blew away is also similar.
Solar panels work from light, not heat - it can swing up and down like a yoyo if there is scattered cloud blowing over and covering the sun, and vary greatly from day to day, while the air temperature may not move much at all.

Completely normal response to clouds passing overhead, or anything else that shades the panels from receiving the sun’s light.

They are photovoltaic panels, not thermovoltaic panels.

Thanks, was wondering something was wrong with my panels!

Just out of interest, you have a flat roof?

@u9026a, I have a single storey house with the roof pitch at around 22, however I have a double next to me which casts shadow after 4:30 PM now