Power consumption at the meter



I have a raspberry PI that pulls data from my Delta inverters over RS484, power and energy data is then uploaded to the two systems in PVoutput via the API using a python script. This system works well and I’ve been using this method for alost a year.

I recently had a ABB B23 meter installed and I’m pulling data from the meter over modbus such as import/export/net.

My question is - can I upload raw import/export/net data and PVoutput will do the math for me OR do I have to do the math to work out consumption first then upload it via the API.

I think If I need to do the math myself the formula would be:

consumption = (generation - export) + import

My setup looks like this but note I have 3 phase power so its simplified.


Net data upload is supported.

See Net Data section under - https://pvoutput.org/help.html#api-addstatus

Import 100W

  • addstatus.jsp?n=1&v4=150

Export 100W

  • addstatus.jsp?n=1&v4=-150


Thanks I did see net was supported but I didnt realize I could provide negative numbers, it makes sense though.

I ended up getting this to work by calculating daily consumption using the below formula localy and uploading the energy consumption (v3), v4 seem to be derived automatticly. I did notice however when the page refreshes automatticly the v4 derived values disapear.

consumption = (generation - export) + import

At first this was not working because I was using the parrent SID to upload the energy consumption which the two inverter systems aggregate into, it apeared as tho the energy consumption was getting removed for some reason. I mananged to get it working by creating another system to hold the energy consumption values, upload into the child sid and aggregate into the same parrent system of the inverters.