Power and Energy Usage?


I am new to PVOutput with our system only being installed yesterday. It appears that the power generated data is ok however the power usage data is incorrect? It overstating our data by around 3,000 watts?? Anyone have any recommendations why?


Please provide more information of your setup.

  • Inverter and software used to upload and
  • The settings / configuration used
  • Link to your system page and screenshots of the issue


Txs Bankstownbloke,

I have a Fronius inverter.




The data indicates we generated 61kWh of power which is correct and we provided 37kWh of power to Grid this confirms from the meter. The data however shows we used approx. 51 kWh of power which leaves only 10kWh of excess power to be fed back into the GRID which seems illogical considering we fed the GRID 37 kWh. However I admit I am a novice


How much energy did you import from the grid?

Energy generated = energy self consumed + energy exported

Energy consumed = energy self consumed + energy imported


the graph looks like its not configured properly… how do you have your push settings?
its looks like it need the net command.


Thks everyone…I re read an earlier post that discussed this issue I think Bankstownbloke pushed the topic to me?? Looks like with a few adjustment it is now working. Txs for your help