Possible error in data

I seem to have a mismatch in the data being reported via the Tesla app and PVOutput. Alternately, I am misunderstanding what I’m reading.

So, for 27/2/2019 PVOutput data reports I generated 27kWh for the day and the Tesla app also reports 27kWh. However, according to PVOutput the amount exported was 20.3kWh whereas the Tesla app reports 5.7kWh going to grid. It seems to me that what is being stored in the export field is the generated minus export rather than the export, but that’s only my guess as it it close (but not the same).

I’m using PW_Simple.py from Powerwall2Output package to collect data.

Can anybody help me understand what is happening here?

Export is registered when generation is greater than consumption, otherwise it is import.

Telsa is showing differing export possibly due to the battery.

Aah, that will be my error then. I’d assumed that as the python script takes it’s input from the Tesla gateway and the generated number was the same then others would be the same. It means the battery input is included in the export as far as PVOutput is concerned so I need to find a way to take battery input off the reported export in PVOutput.

Thank you for the quick response.

I have the same issue, my export is not what I need - was there a resolution to this issue?

Tesla seems to have this data available is the program just gathering incorrect data points?