Portlet output has labels for titles but not for values?

Hi there,

I’m using the portlet to drive a digital dashboard. I am able to format the output titles but not the values.


<label id="pv_title">Name <a href="http://pvoutput.org/list.jsp?id={{ id }}&sid={{ sid }}">Size</a></label>
<label id="pv_energy_label">Energy</label>: 23.900kWh<br/>
<label id="pv_power_label">Power</label>: 20W<br/>
<label id="pv_gss_label">Efficiency</label>: 4.614kWh/kW<br/>
<label id="pv_voltage_label">Voltage</label>: 229.5V
<div id="pv_timestamp">8-Oct-23 7:50PM</div>

Would it be possible to adjust the output to add a label for each value as well?

<label id="pv_energy_title">Energy</label><label id="pv_energy_value">: 23.900kWh</label><br/>
<label id="pv_power_title">Power</label><label id="pv_power_value">: 20W</label><br/>
<label id="pv_gss_title">Efficiency</label><label id="pv_gss_value">: 4.614kWh/kW</label><br/>
<label id="pv_voltage_title">Voltage</label><label id="pv_voltage_value">: 229.5V</label>

I’m no JSP expert but I imagine this is a simple change which enables using CSS to format each value as well.


Changed topic to an idea for possible enhancement