Pls advise the best uploader for SMA Bluetooth on Windows 10


Hi Folks,
[Update: I have got the SBFspot program to work.]

I am trying to determine the best uploader for my configuration. I have an SMA Sunny Boy 5000 with Bluetooth and a Windows 10 PC.

I have tried SBFspot and I find the instructions cryptic and they do not work.
I am using this: “SBFspot V3.0 – Windows Quick Reference”

Does someone have a rewrite of the Windows instructions that has the instructions that works?

Should I try one of the older programs that has not been updated recently? If so, which one?

Thanks for your replies.


“They do not work”, that is cryptic
If you have problems installing SBFspot on windows, feel free to create an issue with at least a short description of what’s not working.



Thanks for your reply. I have been able to make my system work.

Is there a better set of instructions than "“SBFspot V3.0 – Windows Quick Reference”?

I can write a Windows 10 64-bit version of the instructions. I think it would be clearer if that was separated from the 32 bit instructions.



Yes, that would be of great help for other users…
My version is maybe a bit too technical?