Planning for negative feed in

It’s going to come where FIT will be in the negative atleast for part of the day. It’s already negative for wholesale providers amber electric etc.

Are you able to curtail a fronius symo inverter? Would you set the export limit to 0?
Is there a way to be able to do it via api or remotely?

Or what can be done to mitigate the amount of power you feed into the grid?

Chiming in a bit late here, but as I’ve done it - using Home Assistant automation platform I do have curtailment working for Fronius Primo, and I believe Symo uses the same MODBUS map. Uses MODBUS-TCP, so no extra cablign required, just hits the MODBUS API available at its IP address.
curtails by a continuously calculated percentage so the inverter follows changes in house load and solar output and tries to maintain a consistently minimal inwards or outward grid flow.

The Fronius details are embedded in which is worth looking at even if you are’t running Home Assistant

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