Peak/shoulder/off-peak not showing shaded in graphs


from time to time i notice that PVO does not render the peak/shoulder/off peak shading on my graph. i wonder if it’s not also applying the right tariff, or if it’s just cosmetic.

is this a backend issue? it seems to happen in multiple browsers (firefox/safari). system ID is 42057.




On which day is this not showing?


pretty much every day since i noticed. i went back 5-6 days just now and the shading is not there on any of those days either.



Try clicking on the white space on the graph. This will toggle the shading on and off. The setting is sticky when logged in.


wow, duh. i didn’t know about that. that solved the problem. i guess i would not have expected something like that to stick across sessions (i saw the same ‘problem’ on 2 different machines across 3 different browsers…)