Parent System with three feeder child systems


Parent System with three feeder child systems, each with its own (different) azimuth

I have had experience with PVOutput now for a while, with two child systems, each with its own Inverter, handling an East & West array (each with its own MPPT), feeding a parent system.

The configuration is:
Inverter 1: String A – West 12 PVs, and String C – East 6 PVs, and
Inverter 2: String B – West 14 PVs, and String D – East 6 PVs.

Now I am in the situation of finalising the installation of a system at a new residence, with three child systems, each feeding a single-phase inverter with two MPPTs, feeding into a three-phase grid connection. The PVs feeding the inverters face East, North, and West, feeding the Red, White, and Blue phases respectively.

The configuration will be:
Strings A & B – East 21 PVs,
Strings C & D – North 15 PVs, and
Strings E & F – West 21 PVs.

The issue I am facing is how do I create the Parent system in PVOutput, to consolidate the production data, when there is not the ability to have more than the Primary and a Secondary array?

Any suggestions would be most welcome.


If each of these systems can feed data independently than the Aggregation feature should be used instead.

This setup will require four systems, 3 children and the parent.

When a child uploads its data, it is added to the nominated parent system.


Thanks bankstownbloke. I will give it a try.