Parent System & two child systems generation total

Hi Guy’s

This is my first post on the forum.
I have noticed that the totals on my parent system do not match the sum of my two child systems.
The daily total seems to be correct. But for Weekly, monthly and yearly only a few are summing correctly

Is there some way I can force the PVoutput server to recalculate.
My first system is 9 years old and my second is 2 years old so I need it to recalculate the sum of system 1 & 2 for the past 2 years.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I found a solution, I just downloaded my data from system 1 & 2 put it into excel and summed it then re imported it

Note that aggregation is only applied on your 5-minute daily data and only from the time it activated. This mean it doesn’t affect historic data, so sums won’t add up in older data.