Parent not receiving temperature/voltage from child

I setup my parent system, to receive Extended data from it’s child system. I also chose to copy Temperature and Voltage from the child system. The child system is setup to aggregate All data to it’s parent and I setup the extended properties to Add.

Now almost all of this is working, except for Temperature and Voltage. The extended data is coming in, even including data created earlier today, but no Temperature/Voltage. The Temperature is still the same since before I linked the systems, however Voltage is constantly fluctuating.

Does anyone know why those values aren’t copied to my Parent system? The Help mentions both options but does not state any further criteria for them to work.

Currently the voltage and temperature requires either the solar/consumption data to be aggregated as well.

On the parent, select either “All”, “Solar” or “Consumption” for “Aggregation Mode” will allow the temperature and voltage to copy to the parent. The child’s Extended Data will still be copied.

On the child, select “All” for “Aggregation Mode”.

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Late reply (I missed a notification I guess).

Well that explains it then, but it’s also quite unfortunate! The system that’s my parent system has been running for a couple of years now, without any problem. I have some home built scripts getting the temperature, voltages, amps etc. but those are less stable (a lot more places where it can break).

If I have to aggregate I will also mutate the primary data in the parent system which is more risky than only adding data which I do not have.

But it does provide a workaround. My child system does not have any consumption data, so I guess I can aggregate consumption from the child to the parent, thus including the temperature/voltage. At least I hope so :wink: This was not really clear from the settings panel in the Parent system. The combobox makes it seem like you have to choose between All, Solar, Consumption or Extended. I would not expect Extended to also be aggregated if I set Consumption.

But, perhaps this is a nice feature for somewhere in the future. The ability to get temperature/voltage data from a system without actually aggregation consumption/generation. Or perhaps, just add the ability to copy both pieces of info when you’re aggregating extended data.

@bankstownbloke Have exactly the same issue. Will this be fixed or is it by design?

Probably no short/medium plans to change this, changed the topic to an ‘Idea’ for tracking.