Parent Aggregation not happening for Extended Data

I have two arrays… 788-6kW and 788-4kW. I aggregate them together into 788-system.

The standard data aggregates fine. But I have extended data on 788-6kW for an installed battery. (There’s no battery on 788-4kW so there’s no data for it). However although extended data aggregation is enabled (The Aggregation Mode is set to All across all 3 instances), the aggregation doesn’t happen for extended data. e.g.


Am I doing something wrong? Aggregation of standard data works fine.

you found the add button on your child?

i struggeled at this point

Eventually I found it, yeah. After reading (Again) and re-reading (Multiple times) I eventually discovered that the words

‘Click on the image’ actually mean click on the + next to the extended data entry… I ‘add’ ed the data…

Which now shows data, but… The battery capacity is either not shown correctly, or just not shown at all.

Should show my battery capacity one the graph… But today it doesn’t show it at all. Nothing changes when Battery capacity is enabled/disbaled on the graph (i.e. clicking on the legend for it). It seems to have no effect on the LHS y-axis either…

Update… I managed to get the battery capacity to show up… I’m not sure why there’s 6 axes available… 1 & 2 leave the graph distorted as above. No battery capacity. Changing the battery capacity to axes 0 and a ping area, while the rest of the parameters (W) are shown on axis 1 makes the graph work correctly… What are axes 2-6 for? 0 & 1 are apparently LHS and RHS…

One enhancement I would like though, is the ability to have both axes line up at 0.

Set the “Axis Alignment” option to either “Bottom” or “Middle” for both left and right axes.