Panel temp coefficient data source


Hi, I’m only a newbie user with a new solar system and I’m trying to set up PVOutput as well as I can based on my system. I have Trina PD05 panels which have the specs below regarding temp coefficient.

Which figure should I include in PVOutput’s panel coefficient setting?

Thanks in advance!



hi i think its the tcop 0.041%/c one as thats the power derate at working temperature,


Thanks Jim! I’ve added 0.41 into the table as you suggested. Not sure how it will know the panel temperature however as I don’t seem to have any temperature reading in my outputs. See below.

Should this data be coming from the panels to the Fronius inverter somehow?




Hi Cam the panel 0.41 is used for the Insolation number for your setup, temp data is from your local weather station-- not from the panels or inverter, so its the daily temp shown below. your system is showing insolation data of 33.281 kw forecast for today on the live screen,please posts on Anyone setup a device for using excess solar for HWS as this for your inverter if you would like to set it up for max return on your investment Jim
Cammo’s Roof 6.600kW Compare:
Date▼ Generated▼ Efficiency▼ Exported▼ Peak Power Peak Time Conditions Temperature

19/07/18 30.233kWh 4.581kWh/kW

4.720kW 10:25AM Partly Cloudy 14 to 26C Updated 16:10 UTC+10:00
18/07/18 26.709kWh 4.047kWh/kW

4.330kW 9:30AM Partly Cloudy 15 to 26C Updated 23:55 UTC+10:00
17/07/18 33.060kWh 5.009kWh/kW

4.894kW 11:25AM Fine 10 to 25C Updated 23:55 UTC+10:00
16/07/18 29.108kWh 4.410kWh/kW

4.678kW 11:30AM Partly Cloudy 12 to 25C Updated 23:55 UTC+10:00
15/07/18 32.822kWh 4.973kWh/kW

4.998kW 11:20AM Partly Cloudy 11 to 24C Updated 23:55 UTC+10:00



Thanks for the info. Why then are PV systems close to me showing temp data much higher than the daily temps. Seems like these temps are the panel temps gathered somehow?


nope you are looking at inverter operating temperatures there, this is possible with some inverters although not with fronius inverters that i know off, i have never see a panel that reports its temperature Cammo


Ah ha, thanks heaps Jim!