Paid PVoutput integration wanted

In there anyone around Gold Coast / Brisbane who can integrate my new Sungrow 5KW three phase inverter to auto upload data to PVoutput?

Happy to pay for the set up service.

Hi @jimk3758 what is the full make and model of your inverter?

How is the inverter connected to the Internet, assuming it is?

Inverter is Sungrow 5KW three phase model 5G5.ORT

It is connected to internet via Sungrow iSolarCloud com system that came with inverter.

I want to auto update the data into PVoutput.

It looks like the best option is

The data are extracted from the inverter using Modbus TCP and then pushed to PVO.

The script is written in Python. The best option would be to use a Raspberry Pi to host and run the Python script. The most difficult part is likely to be extracting and decoding the data via Modbus if the supplied scripts do no work correctly.

Alternately it looks like the data could be pulled from the iSolarCloud account and pushed into your PVO account. The code located at the following URL could be modified to do this.

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Thanks for the info but I’m not technical. I just want to pay someone to make it work. Is there any business that can integrate my inverter into PVoutput?

@jimk3758 Do you found a solution?

I’m searching for a simple way to connect iSolarCloud to, too.

Is there no other script like (without need of AWS)?

@grannos Thanks for the hint, the connection to iSolarCloud works fine with GoSungrow

I created a php script using GoSungrow

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This is one works great.

Installed in Docker on a home server and working great

Apparently you can request an API from Sungrow per this website. Has anyone tired this?