Output Ripple


Hi All,

I’ve been wondering about the output ripple that you see in my graph (ignore the obvious big dips by clouds)

I have 2 arrays on a 5kw Fronius Primo. Anyone know the cause of this? Most people I see have a smooth output.



I could be wrong but maybe it is a result of 2 arrays to 1 inverter with each array sending individual instantaneous peak powers contributing to the ripples. I have 2 arrays but each going to their own inverters and the outputs are summed.


Roger, are you using the logdata push?


Do you see the same ripples in the Fronius Solarweb.com history chart?
(I have two arrays into a 6kW Primo).


@bulletmark yes I’m using the logdata push


@willisave, the ripples are there, a but smoother though.


@gregvet yes I was wondering about this too. Maybe it’s the result of 2 arrays in different directions. I’m sort of guessing this is normal, and nothing is wrong.


I have explained the cause of this ripple previously, e.g. How to remove waves when Fronius Inverter is clipping?. See https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/2634198?p=22#r428

In short, it is a problem in the logdata processing by PVOutput which can only be fixed by BB.


@bulletmark, Sorry Mark, not exactly sure what you mean by “fixed by BB” what is BB?


I mean it is a problem on the PVOutput side so it can only be fixed by the site’s maintainer, @bankstownbloke.