Output from old Solax inverter

we moved into our current house ca. 18 months ago and inherited a PV system with Solax SK-SU3700 inverter. I have spent most of that time trying to get Solax to tell me how to get automated daily readings from the inverter, but to no avail. I have the inverter connected to my home network and can log on and check the current generation statistics but that’s it. According to Solax, I can get the readings from the SOLARMAN portal but something went wrong when registering the inverter and despite repeated requests, they are unable to solve the issue (something to do with the s/n which is now lost in the cloud, apparently).

I was about to see if I could interrogate the inverter myself, then came across PVoutput. Reading some of the posts in this community, it looks possible that PVouput could do just what I want. I have an RPi2+ knocking around, a QNAP NAS and a Windows desktop so if I could get something going on any device (preferably the QNAP or RPi as these would be fire-and-forget), that would be great. I have dabbled with PHP and SQL in the past, but am a bit rusty. If someone could point me in the right direction, that would be fantastic - thanks in advance