Other options to replace WU API retirement


By now, most are aware WU’s API feature is no longer operational. I, and I’m sure others, have their own weather station on WU. Mine is a brand called Ambient Weather and the model is the WS-2000. Ambient Weather provides me the option to create an API key. Is there any way I can incorporate an Ambient Weather API key to my solar info here n PVOutput?
My PVOutput page is here;

My weather info page is here;

And my API is here;

Sure would be nice as I have not only temperature, but also solar radiation (displayable in w/m2, lux or fc) and Ultra-Violet Radiation Index indicated on my graph.


I recently bought a new weather station, and previously had/have a API from WU. I linked the API and station name to PVOutput on my page and sure enough, it’s working! So much for it supposed to be disabled after January 1st.



Per this announcement from WU, the retirement date for free access to the the WU API has been extended to 15Feb2019. The announcement goes on to indicate that if you have a personal weather station (PWS) that is contributing to WU, then you will be able to use a free replacement API that provides the following:

  • Current observations from the PWS network
  • 5 day daily forecast
  • PWS historical data
  • PWS lookup by geocode, zip code and location
  • Call volume: 1500/day, 30/minute

I don’t know if BB plans to update the weather station automatic upload system to allow those of us who eventually have the new API key to continue to use Weather Underground but I hope so.