OpenWeatherMap or any other free solution please


Has anyone got a better api? This one is no where near as good as the weather underground


This is exactly what I wanted. Thankyou


Thank you for implementing the OpenWeatherMap that I asked for.


I have done this ie inserted the Key set the city and clicked test which runs fine and shows all the data, but temperatures are still not appearing. I have the primary device set to webox. anyone got any ideas.


The temperature is only downloaded if a file has been received and processed from the webbox. This may need to change since webbox uploads are not very frequent.


Hi thanks for your reply, I am not sure I fully understand how this works although I have been using iPVoutput for 5 years. I am using bean counter to upload my sunny boy data, does this mean I have to run another script in order to upload the temperatures, at the moment I have only entered the key and city code into pvoutput and made no other alterations. The help files are not to easy to understand and seem to miss a lot out. My uploads have always seemed to take longer than anyone else’s sometimes not appearing for 50 minutes or so. Would much appreciate your help.


Further to the above post
I am useing Bean counter to upload from my SMA invertor I have webbox set as primary device but it does not load the temperature data, if I change the primary device to weather it uploads the temperature OK but not my sytem data. Is there any way to overcome this.


You will need to use Weather as the primary device not webbox, as inverter data is sent using bean counter not webbox.


I did that yesterday and it only put in the temperature data not the bean counter data untill I reverted to back to webox then it went back to my bean counter data but not weather. I will give it another try now.


Could have success updated and put correct data in now, fingers crossed.


No it has done another 6 updates bean counter data is in but only the one temperature at 17:00pm.


Temperature is logging fine for 01/May, openweathermap data tends to lag and have gaps in the city data. There is no history service that will allow gaps to be filled.


Seems to be working OK now