OpenWeatherMap or any other free solution please


Disabling main temperature v5 for all weather devices and extended parameters for openweathermap will be available soon.


cheers i have added it. hopefully it starts working overnight.
the city selection is a bit poor. i had to select something over 100km away

I do the test button and it shows the city id and appears to be working but nothing getting graphed


So I’ve deleted WU info in my pvoutput settings and now put my new openweather info in place. The issue I’m having is even though the free OW account api says you can have 60 requests an hour, when PV asks for my local town’s temperature every 5 minutes, it does not send it ( on average it updates every 15 minutes). So my temperature trace on my PV account cycles between displaying the town temperature and the temperature the EnviR is measuring (ie the temperature of the room that the device is located in).
Does anyone know how to stop this cycling and only display the town temperature?


so are you trying to display 2 temperatures on the main live page,? weather temp and room temp?
the main page will only display i temp the second should have been placed by you in extender data.
also OP states they only update temp every 10 min,hope this helps Jim


Cheers Jim. Yeah just trying to display OP temp only. Couldn’t give a monkeys about my house temp. Didn’t realise it only updates once every 10 mins. Any ideas how I can disable my house temp?


Warren, yes too ways to do it ,1 put house temp to extended data,2 turn off temp data from your house, if its a all in one unit, then its go into the push to pv org ans click of the temp reporting, if its a unit with remotes for things, then you may just be able to turn off or unplug the temp sensor,depends if its wifi, blue, or wired as to how you can do it Jim


mine isn’t showing any temps what have i done wrong. the test button works…


These are my settings

Primary device is set as weather and the poll interval is currently set at 30mins.


Jim , unfortunately I cannot switch of my house temp. I use a gizmo called an enviR which is plugged into a Rasp Pi and that sends all solar, consumption, and temp data to PVoutput. I downloaded the Pi program because I haven’t got a clue how to write code. The EnviR has a built in temp sensor, so unless I crack it open and snip the sensor, there isn’t much I can do.


ok then plan 2 send the house temp to extended data Jim


i use an envir with pvoutput integration service you can disable the temp in there if you want.

open the currentcost.ini and put a # in front of the temp setting

# Comment out to disable temperature uploading



When the system was initially saved the key was still not activated on openweathermap and invalid.

PVOutput will remove any invalid keys from downloads.

Try saving the system again.


do i have to select device as weather like warren333 has done? as im already using both my devices


‘Weather’ is only used when no other device is being used.



Missing my WU API feed and not (yet) owning a Wx station, I wasn’t sure this would work. However, I stumbled through OpenWeatherMap’s registration (curse multi-Captchas!), requested an API and inserted it into my PVO settings.

PVO’s ‘Test’ refused to acknowledge it, but then I read the email in my Junk folder - expect activation within a couple of hours.

Anyway, within a couple of minutes my PVO graph has started drawing a nice little temperature line with about the right value - very happy :slight_smile:


re added the key and now its been showing a flat 14.7° all day


Thanks for the tip, but I have got a clue how to do that with my setup using a Rasp Pi and EnviR. I know nothing about programming


Can’t get it to plot house temp on extended data. As soon as I implement it, I lose all data displays.
The thing I find strange is no one else has the temperature cycling issue displaying house temp, then local temp


You’ll need to wait until the option to move weather device from v5 to v7-12 becomes available -


Openweathermap extended parameter options now available.