Open source project for local PV monitoring system

we have maintained a open source project for solar pv monitoring github , all the energy meter can be integrated in if they meet these two requirements
1 bi-directional measurement
2 api support

Thanks for your attention

demo: or

user name: iammeter

password: iammeter

Build an Open Source local PV monitoring system with Home Assistant

Build an Open Source local PV monitoring system with Python-InfluxDB-Grafana

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This is very cool!
I do the same thing using Node-red, influx and Grafana, I also have HA so I just push some of the sensors to that as well for convenience.
My inverter is just a Growatt MIN series but I managed to work out the modbus protocol so I can poll it every 5sec.

That is also cool.
But please note that ,as far as I know, many manufacture of inverter do not use standard modbus RTU protocol.

you can use telegraf to poll inverter, send it to influxdb and also to a file/mqtt from where you send pvoutput also. (another idea)