Only showing Generated Data via SBFSpot - how to integrate with Sunny Portal?


Hi guys,

noob user here! Have an SMA inverter, and am uploading to pvoutput via a Raspberry Pi and SBFSpot. Generated power figures are showing, but Consumption, Exported and Imported are not.

See screen grab below

Any clues?



SBFspot has only generated power.
You need another tool to read the consumed power from smart meter or kWh meter or whatever


No worries - thanks!!


Any clues on how to export data from Sunny Portal (it knows about Consumption, Exported and Imported values) - just need to pull them out of Sunny Portal - Google is not being my friend :slight_smile:

Also hope to automate the upload to pvoutput - but one step at a time, gotta get to it first!!



Thanks! - and that will pull down Consumption, Exported and Imported data?

I guess it would also pull down pv generated too, duplicating the data that I’m getting direct from the SMA inverter via SBFSpot - any thoughts on that?