One of two child systems stopped aggregating to parent

I have two child systems (one enecsys & one enphase) which until mid December were chugging along fine. Having not checked them for a while, I logged in today and found that the enecsys system is logging fine as the child system but ceased aggregation to the parent in mid-December. I haven’t changed anything and all the settings look OK. Any ideas on what could be causing this?

The Enecsys system isn’t sending any live data, only end of day data.

i.e. It is calling Add Output API only, also needs to call Add Status API

Thanks. Any idea on how to fix this? Strange that this has happened out of the blue. I haven’t changed any of my settings.

Has support been dropped for enecsys systems? I can’t find an option for it in the “Automatic Uploads” section.

Enecsys was never supported using the Auto Uploader.

The data was sent directly to PVOutput, so you must be running script that is reading from the inverter and uploading. This script has stopped sending the 5-minute data (Add Status) and only sending daily summary (Add Output).

OK. Sorry but I’m a novice when it comes to scripts, etc. I’m just having trouble understanding why it was working fine for roughly a couple of years then all of a sudden it’s stopped. I haven’t made any changes at all to the setup. Any suggestions on what I can do to fix it?

Actually, I have just looked and seen that the data from Enecsys is still uploading at 5 minute intervals (see image)

. It’s just not coming through to the parent system. So would this indicate that the 5 minute data is still actually being uploaded and the issue is simply with data aggregation?

The Enecsys only started working today (10th Feb 2021). Note the changed comment format for today below. Clicking only any of the dates on or before 8th Feb would show no live data.

Now that there is live data on the Enecsys, the aggregation is working on the parent.