One hour missing data after clock change

Since the clock change to GMT from daylight saving time on October 25th, data from 23:05 to 23:55 is missing, starts again the next day at 00:00 hours. Daylight saving is selected in Live Settings>Adjust time. I don’t remember having a problem with this before. Any suggestions?

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Which script is being used to upload consumption?

I guess it depends what way the daylight savings change went.
If it went forward an hour it should miss 1 hour of recording. As that hour was skipped.
If it went backwards you would be recording over the old data for 1 hour…

Strangely, it seems to have resolved itself after an accidental PC shutdown. Now I’m puzzling over why my powerwall has started to slip half an hour, then 1 hour over the last two days on switchover to Peak rate…hmm. I wonder if my friend down the road with a back room particle accelerator (I kid you not, I call him the mad professor!) has put us into a time warp!

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Are the readings through Powerwall gateway and PVOutput Integration Service?

If so, make a local query e.g. (https://192.x.x.x/api/meters/aggregates) to the gateway and take note of the “last_communication_time” value under the “load” section.

The value contains timezone information - paste a sample value here.

I think I just stumbled on why it appeared to slip an hour. I had reset the off-peak period in the app, but only for weekdays. Weekends was still on summertime! Doh!

I suppose there isn’t any way to tell the Powerwall clock to keep standard time, which is what my electricity meter does. There’s nothing obvious in the Powerwall app for doing that. It screws up my Model S charging as well if I don’t remember to change the schedule time when the clocks change, and that makes a far bigger (7kWh) hit on my bank balance! Maybe one day the UK will do away with the hour change, like some European countries are now proposing, and everything will be sweetness and light… maybe.

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I live in Western Australia. We’ve had at least three referenda on the issue of daylight savings. Each time it had been voted down. The vote has always been close to a 50 / 50 split - with the ‘No’ vote just in front.

Only some state / territories of Australia have daylight savings…