Okay one of my SE7600hds took a dive

I just replaced one of my SE7600HD inverters as it decided to crap out. It is now running on the Solaredge app but I don’t see its production on PVO just yet.

Question, I don’t recall if I need to get any new information for PVO to work, so do I need to do anything special?

I just got it back on line today.

It will continue to work if its on the same Solaredge site / key.

Otherwise you’ll need to obtain the new information and re-configure the PVOutput Auto Uploader for Solaredge.

Just curious, could not find your system at PVOutput. How long did that inverter last?

@gregvet I had my system installed in Dec 2017, I only had one of the inverters go down and that was Feb 7 2019 so I guess it was roughly 14-15 months.

My system is


Ah!! Missed that apostrophe. My system: https://www.pvoutput.org/list.jsp?userid=28753
When my system first started in 1/2013, I had a different brand inverter(Solectria) but there were constantly blown fuses. This unit finally failed and replaced with same 12/2013. This unit failed 1/2014. Replaced with Fronius IG Plus UNI 7.5-1 1/2014. This unit has been fine since then.

You have to update the new serial number of the new inverter