Not retrieving data from flukso api

I log my hot water power consumption with a flukso to v7 extended data
it stopped working on the 10/1/22
only just noticed :roll_eyes:
I noticed when I went to re add it that it wasn’t even in my settings anymore…
also noticed my extended data summary settings had been wiped aswell on the 12/1/22 not sure what happened around then that caused both of these issues

I also worked out that I cant use the flukso as a Secondary Device without having a Primary Device.
the flukso has to be listed in the Secondary Device as that’s the only option to get extended data option. Is this something new that was done around the time it stopped and wiped my settings as I didn’t have a primary device to start with?

I setup weather in the primary device and that allowed me to enter the flukso for the secondary device but nothing is working for the flukso. I have rechecked the sensor and token id’s and they are correct. and the flukso dashboard shows the consumption. its just not getting pulled across to pvoutput.
anyone got any ideas?

The extended parameters is only available on the secondary device, if you have Flukso consumption then this should already occupy a primary device.

An option to have extended parameters on the primary may be added in the future.

I use my inverter to hook up to my pulse recorder and that sends my meter data. I haven’t sent any main meter data from the flukso in years.
Only ever secondary for the extended data and it has now stopped.
Any ideas on trouble shooting?
Data is on the flukso website. Pvoutput is set with the right sensor and token but nothing is coming across

I have other systems getting data from the Flukso server using the Flukso drop down in primary and secondary device slots. and they are all working fine.
some are also using data in extended mode that is working fine.

I have added the sensor and token that isn’t working on my main address into a test system.
setting it as primary device as consumption and it uploads fine.
Setting it as Extended data for slots v7 and v8 and also works.

i feel like something is overwriting it… although not sure what’s going on as I haven’t changed anything.

OK so I have narrowed it down to the fact I have something adding data and giving v7 a reading of 0, then the Flukso is sending its data normally 10-15 minutes later but that now doesn’t seem to overwrite it. and just leaves it at 0?
im guessing before this issue it was overwriting it and was fine but now it wont overwrite it?

Which system has been setup for Flukso using v7?

This is the one I want to work… and if you look at the daily view everything was working fine until mid Jan then it all stopped. when I got it back going mid April the the v7 isn’t working.

this one is the test system that is working using the same token and sensor that doesnt work in the other system.

I also stopped the other device sending v7=“0” that has obviously been doing that from the start but the flukso just overwrote it when it was uploaded to pvoutput. so now there is no entries for v7.

I have wiped all extended data settings. and was trying again.

re applied weather in primary and set it up properly

applied the sensor and token data in secondary as extended v7


after about 5 minutes it showed 4 readings 12:00 to 12:20 as 1w (correct) but nothing else
I then noticed the day before was filled in except for the first 4 readings (12:00 to 12:20)

What is going on?

It looks like it has applied it to the day before for all but the first 4 readings?
Viewing the test system it shows its the correct day but for some reason has stopped at 8:50.
viewing the main system its placed 99% on the day before?

I have no idea what has happened to my system. the timezone was completely out of wack.
Hope that fixes it.
Strange that my timezone and all my extended data settings have had issues I think were randomly wiped about 6 months ago and guessing the timezone was set to the default?