Not getting temp from Weather Underground after donating


I donated so now I can get voltage and temp from my SolarEdge inverter but it seems that the temp shown in the graphs is the inverter internal temp and not the ambient temp from Weather Underground. Could someone help me with my setup?

Change the Temperature setting from Disabled to Enabled.

If I do that, it shows the inverter temp.

Sorry, yes it should be disabled to use the weather station.

However, the station temperature is displaying correctly.

Seems it is good for today. Looks like it takes a day to reflect the new setting.

Not working again today. Didn’t change anything and temp is not being reported.

And it is now populated. I guess it pulls the temp data from Wunderground towards the end of the day.

Temperature is downloaded every 5-minutes.

Check that the data is available on the weather station first -

I had a similar problem. I wanted to send the WU data to the “Main” page and the inverter temperature to the “Extended Data” page. But because there is no option to send the inverter temperature to anywhere but “Main”, I had to put the WU (ambient air temp and solar radiation Data) on the “Extended Data” page and leave the inverter temperature (and voltage) on the “Main” page. If you decide to do this, note that even if you choose 'Fahrenheit’in the settings, the WU temperature may still be displayed in degrees Celsius on the “Extended Data” page. To get the temperature to display in degrees-F, add the following conversion formula to the “Extended Data Rule” field: vX = vX * 1.8 + 32
I tried different ways to enter the formula, but couldn’t get the syntax right until someone on SolarPanelTalk Forums helped me out (thanks jasonvr).

I know this doesn’t solve your issue about getting WU temperature to display on the “Main” page, but this is how I got around the problem.

Thanks for this info. I’ve only been at this a few days and this post was extremely helpful setting up my SolarEdge feed.

I had some issues using other nearby stations on WU to pull weather data from. They would work for a while, then mysteriously go down for days at a time, some never returned, and some the data was way off. I finally just threw in the towel and bought a personal weather station and linked it to WU. Now I pull my own PWS data.

What brand/model did you get?

My PWS device is an Ambient Weather WS-2902. Purchased off of just before Christmas. Price was very reasonable. About USD $125.00 My WU station ID is KTXWESLA9 if you want to take a look.

I would also add that originally, my R-PI solar data up-loader was sending micro-inverter temperature readings along with the generation data. I modified the PHP script to not send temp data, and allowed WU to supply it instead.

I used this formula but issue is when the inverter stops reporting temp all I get is 32F for the period instead of blank. Do you know a way around this? Amazing this hasn’t been solved after all this time.