Non Active Team Members?

Noticed that more than half our 16 team members (NSW Central Coast Region) have not reported numbers for 8+ years.

Is there anyway their numbers can be set aside so the active members can see a more accurate record of our combined contributions ?

I agree. There should be a way to remove members with ´last seen´ for more than 1 year

Cheers SBF…not wanting to delete their contributions, might drop our totals/standing overall !? I might start a new “active users” a/c and see how that runs ?

I know this will mess up our ranking. It should be done in some automated way for ALL teams.

On any particular page?

Not sure which page you are referring to BB ? The page I arrive at after -“My Outputs” > “1 Team” > “Size”. That then lands me on a list of 16 participants abt 9 of whom who have not added any numbers for 8+ years.

Hope I’m making sense ?

This would be the Team Ladder page.

One solution would be to add a ‘seen’ Filter for the team ladder members as per the global ladder filter.

All the ladder filters (except for country/region) can now also be applied to individual members in team ladder.


Set the Last Seen filter to “Recently” to remove inactive team members from the list.

You can have/be on more than one team. Have all of the active members start a 2nd team. You will contribute to both.