No upload with curl

I am trying to use curl command for upload my data to PVOutput.
First I created a system and used the csv loader for the first 3 days. Now I want to make it automatically with the curl command. I am only using the basic datas for upload:
curl -d “data=20171102,4302” -H “X-Pvoutput-Apikey: myapikey” -H “X-Pvoutput-SystemId: 55202”
I get the answer:
OK 200: Added Output
But I cant see the datas on the webside.
What is missing?
Thanx for your help in advance,


You may need to wait for a reply from BB, but it looks like you are trying to put in a value of 4.3 kWHrs for a system with a size of 50W. I think that PVOutput is returning a status 200 as it accepts the upload, but then when it processes it, it may calculate that the energy reported is not possible with the system size. 4300WH/50W=86 hours and thus rejects the status update. This is just a guess though.

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Ok, thank you very much, now it works. It was really the system information I forgot to change.

This would be reason, the threshold is around 12 times system size.

Unfortunately, there are no checks upon upload for the moment.