No upload to pvoutput with SBFspot 3.5.0 running on Raspberry Pi

Hi there

Since a long time that I’m using Pvoutput to upload my data from my SMA inverter.
I bought a raspberry pi to install SBFspot on it. :wink:

I’ve used the curl… command that makes the installation very easy for a newbie like me.

I have several questions and maybe problem:

  • I used SBFspot on a USB key connected to my raspberry. Therefore i’ve added /mnt/usb at the beginning of all directories. The sbfspot.db file is created but nothing inside?
  • My account on PV output is not refreshed with the data of today: what can I do to get the data of November 9th only to check if my install is OK?
  • Does the daemon starts every 5 minutes to upload PVoutput?
  • I’ve tried to use the /mnt/usb/usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/SBFspotUploadDaemon command but I’ve make my raspberry entering emergency mode: I had to reinstall everything on the rasp. Hopefully everything is fine on the USB key.
  • last question on running SBFspot on raspberry: if the rasp restart, does sbfspot start automatically? Do I have to enter any command?

Thank you for your help, I’m a bit lost.

OK some news.
I install again everything from 0.
Installation is OK on usb key mounted to /mnt/usb, link to the inverter is OK
I ran the command "/mnt/usb/usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/SBFspot -v -finq -nocsv.

This is the results:
SBFspot V3.5.0
Yet another tool to read power production of SMA solar inverters
© 2012-2018, SBF (
Compiled for Linux (LE) 32 bit with SQLite support
Commandline Args: -v -finq -nocsv
Reading config ‘/mnt/usb/usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/SBFspot.cfg’
Sat Nov 10 00:18:17 2018: INFO: Starting…
sunrise: 07:43
sunset : 17:33
Connecting to 00:80:25:15:FB:C2 (1/10)
SUSyID: 125 - SessionID: 957834232 (0x391763F8)
SMA netID=01
Serial Nr: 7D2F6B0E (2100259598)
BT Signal=67.8%
Logon OK
Failed to get current plant time (0)
getInverterData(sbftest) returned an error: -1
SUSyID: 113 - SN: 2100259598
Device Name: SN: 2100259598
Device Class: Solar Inverters
Device Type: SB 3000TL-20
Software Version: 02.08.01.R
Serial number: 2100259598
SUSyID: 113 - SN: 2100259598
Device Status: Ok
SUSyID: 113 - SN: 2100259598
Device Temperature: 0.0°C
SUSyID: 113 - SN: 2100259598
GridRelay Status: Information not available
SUSyID: 113 - SN: 2100259598
Pac max phase 1: 3000W
Pac max phase 2: 3000W
Pac max phase 3: 3000W
SUSyID: 113 - SN: 2100259598
Energy Production:
EToday: 0.000kWh
ETotal: 14376.518kWh
Operation Time: 18899.99h
Feed-In Time : 18572.37h
SUSyID: 113 - SN: 2100259598
DC Spot Data:
String 1 Pdc: 0.000kW - Udc: 0.00V - Idc: 0.000A
String 2 Pdc: 0.000kW - Udc: 0.00V - Idc: 0.000A
SUSyID: 113 - SN: 2100259598
AC Spot Data:
Phase 1 Pac : 0.000kW - Uac: 0.00V - Iac: 0.000A
Phase 2 Pac : 0.000kW - Uac: 0.00V - Iac: 0.000A
Phase 3 Pac : 0.000kW - Uac: 0.00V - Iac: 0.000A
Total Pac : 0.000kW
SUSyID: 113 - SN: 2100259598
Grid Freq. : 0.00Hz
SUSyID: 113 - SN: 2100259598
Current Inverter Time: 10/11/2018 00:19:24
Inverter Wake-Up Time: 09/11/2018 08:25:09
Inverter Sleep Time : 09/11/2018 17:40:42
[2018-11-10 00:19:19.703] Error: Can’t open SQLite db [/home/pi/smadata/SBFspot.db]: ‘unable to open database file’

  • ArchiveDayData() *

startTime = 5BE61170 -> 10/11/2018 00:00:00

  • ArchiveMonthData() *

startTime = 5BDADCB0 -> 01/11/2018 12:00:00
Reading events: 2018-Nov-01
Sat Nov 10 00:19:20 2018: INFO: Done.

I have 1 error regarding the sqlite database. SBFspot search in /home/pi directory but I’ve installed everything on /mnt/usb: how can I fix this?

Also how can I run SBFspot manually to retrieve the data for yesterday November 9th and update pvoutput?

Thanks for your help


I’ve solved this issue by opening the cfg file and manually change the path to the database.
I still get no data for November 9th from my inverter.

I had to enter these last commands to start SBFspot running:
pi@raspberrypi:/mnt/usb/smadata $ sudo systemctl enable /mnt/usb/usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/SBFspotUpload.service
pi@raspberrypi:/mnt/usb/smadata $ sudo systemctl start SBFspotUpload
pi@raspberrypi:/mnt/usb/smadata $ sudo systemctl status SBFspotUpload

Then my data are now uploaded to PVoutput!

Thanks for reporting this issue…
It’s confirmed being a bug

EDIT: Fixed in V1.0.12