No readings from zeversolar

Since yesterday I see no data from my zeversolar. I did not change anything, can you please check what’s wrong?

Zevercloud may have reporting errors for an extended period of time and downloads for your system have been disabled.

Edit the PVOutput system and save to re-enable downloads.

No I see what’s happening, daily output is there and correct but live output does not show data. Zevercloud app shows live data

Do I go into Edit System and then click Save, or should I change a field before saving?

(My Zever has not been recorded for last 3-4 days now).

Did that but doesn’t help, can someone of support look in to this?

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Zevercloud server has been reporting 12hrs of continuous 503 server errors.

Best to contact zevercloud support about this.

Don’t know what you did, but since this morning it’s working again :slight_smile:

I’m not getting anything uploaded. Appears to have stopped as of yesterday very early. Anyone else?

Mine stopped on 30 August. I’ve edited my Zever settings, saved, but it still haven’t restarted. (Zever API key is working when manually entered into my browser).

And its back working today
Thank you to whoever is responsible.