No live page?

Hello, please excuse my bad english.
I have a sungrow 8ktlm.
he has no display.
So i program one myself. I read the inverter via modbus and show it on the display.
Then I discovered
At the end of the day I upload data. That’s works fine.
Now I wanted to to upload live values.
But I have on my overview page no live button.
I dont found de live page.
What can this be?

Lg hichi

You can upload ‘live’ values every 5 to 15 minutes using the ‘addstatus’ API call -

You can also find other people’s SunGrow scripts and code in the list at - these might help get started

good luck…

You will also need to set ‘API Access’ to ‘Enabled’. If you haven’t already done so.

I found my mistake.
I searched the live page all the time. Now I just uploaded live values. Then the live page turned up too.
I thought that would always be there.

Hi Lg hichi,

I have the SG8K-D inverter but the existing scripts don’t seem to work. Did you use an existing script or did you write your own code to connect to the inverter? Could you share the source code or point to where you got the script from?

Thank you,