No generation data - newbie

Hi, SunnyBoy inverter, Elster meter, Eagle 200 connected to meter. First reading from Eagle to PVOutput showed power generation from panels/inverter. Every polling entry since then show 0 power generation. Wonder what sort of configuration i am missing. Any suggestions welcome. -Alex

BTW, Eagle shows output as expected.

Add a timezone to the Eagle Post request so the timestamps are adjusted for your local times, otherwise it defaults to UTC


  • tz=America/Denver

See the Timezone List

Note that the Eagle Push data usually only uploads net consumption data. An inverter upload for the SMA is separate / independent of the Eagle consumption data. But lets see what difference the timezone change first.


Timezone setting is fine.
No change in data

Today, 9/11, I installed SBFspot on a pi and i thought I had it working.
Looks at my entries for 9/11 around 4PM local time and i got one record out of the inverter. I see temp and voltage and suddenly got generation data.

Nothing since - no updates since. No more 5 minutes entries.

Do I need Eagle on consumption and Pi on production?
A screenshot or some guidance would help here, please.

Still trying to troubleshoot.

Yes, it is best to get the generation working first with the RPi.

Once this is working then look into the Eagle since its net consumption upload is dependent on the generation data being available.