No energy generated from Powerwall


I’ve successfully set up PVOutput to communicate with my Powerwall 2, and it shows most data as it should but not energy generated on ‘live view’ and ‘show all’ - the graph shows power used, energy used etc but not energy generated. Any ideas why not? Thanks!

PS I can see solar power generated in the extended view


I may be mistaken but I don’t believe a battery…even a Tesla battery…can “generate” energy. It is a storage device which can receive energy generated from any source and store it for a time then release it when called on.
In order to see the energy generated you have to have a power sensor on the leads of the generator supplying power to your storage device.


You need 2 integrations, one for “in” and one for “our”. Look at the end of this guide


If you’ve got the battery logging successfully updating the consumption (red) line for household usage, then for energy generated (green line in the main graph), you’d typically have that being uploaded from the inverter rather than the battery. In my case, it comes from a Fronius inverter.
What sort of inverter do you have?


Hi borisovi, thanks, I’ve set two integrations up and it all seems fine now apart from hugely excessive figures for solar.energy_exported when viewing live view and extended parameters. All other data seems correct but I’m getting spikes of usage of >500 kW for the solar.energy_exported graph. Any ideas?


Ignore me! Hadn’t set it up correctly, all now sorted thanks!