No data transfer from SBFspot.db to PVOutput

SBF-spot installed on Raspberry Pi with SBFspot-config.
Output to PVOUT selected during installation.
SBFspot.db in /home/pi/smadata working OK. Data delivered correctly.
PVOutput settings (BobsPlant): SID and API key added.
BobsPlant shows up, but no data uploaded.
/usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3 does not contain anything related to upload or daemon.

How should I proceed further?

Any help much appreciated.

What’s the output of

sudo systemctl status SBFspotUpload

Upload logs are found in /var/log/sbfspot.3/SBFspotUpload20190716.log
My log says:
[21:30:32] INFO: Uploading 6 datapoints, starting with 20190716,21:05,25647247,72 => OK (200)


Issue solved in the meantime. Thanks.
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