No data retrieve after upgrade Solarman datacenter

Hello, I am a newbie about this topic. I configured pvoutput recently and received data from Solarman.
Since the update of their datacenters i don’t receive any data ( i guess i am not the only one :slight_smile: )

I am using the Trannergy Upload tool.

I received an email from Solarman:
Now we are delighted to inform you that we have successfully upgrade data centers. If you are using the “International Data Center”, we kindly remind that you use the new OPENAPI domain to access the platform, replacing the previous domain Your APPID and APPSECRET will remain the same, but you will need to obtain a new token to access the platform.

The APPID and APPSECRET i have but I don’t understand “but you will need to obtain a new token to access the platform.”. How do I get a new token and where do I use it. Solarman send me a manual but this is not my cup of tea.

Any one in this group who know how to get it working again?
Thanks for your replies.

Hello, exaclty the same at my plant. I received no data in pvoutput since Solarman updated their system. So far I have added a few days by hand.
But it would be highly appriciated if someone in the community has a problemsolver for this.
I also received a manual from Solarman but it is above my education grade.
Thank you

The solarman domain has been updated and data has resumed uploading from Trannergy to PVOutput

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Super!!! Thanks.

Good news thanks. I see new data. However i have a gap now of 9 days.
Can I fill this gap with an export of data from the Solarman portal? If so, what data to export?
Plant data / Device data ?
Detailed data / Daily statistics?


You should export the 5-minute energy or power data from solarman, save to csv format then manually upload to PVOutput using the Live Loader -

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Same here. No data from Trannergy. :frowning:
Contact solarman CS but they ask what domain we are using.

Is the globally domain changed for Trannergy/ solarman ?


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I have the same problem.
On April 17, the last data was received on PVO. Since then no data is coming in on PVO from my Trannergy a.k.a. SOLARMAN. What to do? Thank you!

Hi all,
I contacted solarman. They say pvoutput needs to change there api. (Domain changed)

I have received there documentation. Can I upload it somewhere?

Greets stephan

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PVOutput is already using the new domain (

Check with Trannergy that your current credentials are still valid to access the API.

Can you copy & paste here the documentation/instructions/quick steps how to handle?

Here still not receiving data. Although the api works.

It’s working again! Thanks!

Removed the AutoUploader credentials; saved the settings; entered the (same) credentials; saved;

Now its working again!

Hi, it seems there is still issues with Solarman and logging to PVOutput. I have my work cut out for me, I am looking for a way to resolve this that will not require me physically visiting 43 seperate sites.

I have 43 Trannergy Inverters logging that are meant to be pushing from Solarman to Pvoutput and all of them bar one has stopped logging to PVOutput, they are still logging to Solarman.

Most of them stopped logging on the 23/1/2024 so clearly something was changed on that date.

The rest stopped logging on 10/09/21.

I guess I can try to Removed the AutoUploader credentials; saved the settings; entered the (same) credentials; saved; to see if that work and than repeat that another 42 times.