Auto Uploader - Trannergy

The Trannergy Auto Uploader is now available.

Please contact to obtain the App Id and App Secret from the Solarmanpv team.

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Hi, thanks so much for the Trannergy Auto Uploader.

It works quite well.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the Comments from the previous day get overwritten when the uploading starts in the morning.

Can this issue be solved from PVOutput or is that a Trannergy site issue?



The comments are updated when a download from Trannergy occurs or any other automatic upload.

It is best to wait a 2-3 days before update the comment, otherwise they will be automatically overwritten.

I can’t seem to find this option… where is it located?


Hi BB,

~30 grrlz that had been successfully using the auto uploader haven’t uploaded since Jan 17.
I’ve been trying to get a solution from Solarman but it seems we’re stuck in an infinite loop.

Hi Guys,
I notice the push to PVOutput hasn’t worked for three days.
Have you news I can pass to my customers?

For troubleshooting, please provide:
Requested Header and Body
Response body
Clients are requested to provide as much as possible in curl agreement

PVOutput uses the auto uploader function describerd here: Auto Uploader — PVOutput documentation
Here is a screenshot of settings in one of the accounts:
This account and about 30 others have been successfully uploading data from 17/11/2021 until 17/1/2022.
PAL5400N19202068 5.000kW
PAL5400N19202068 5.000kW
Uploads have not worked since then.
Trannergy 4.720MW
You can see the number of outputs dropped from 270 to 239 on the 17 - 18 January.
What needs to happen to get uploads working again?

The original platform data was directly forwarded to pvoutput, but now the new platform needs to retrieve data through API, and does not support direct forwarding to pvoutput.

Hi Raine,
These accounts have been set up with the new platform, ie [](
They have been set up with the App ID and App Secret as per the screenshot I sent you on 21/1
They successfully retrieved data from 17/11/2021 to 17/1/2022
Did something change on 17/1/2022?

Please provide APPID and the following information.
For troubleshooting, please provide:
Requested Header and Body
Response body
Clients are requested to provide as much as possible in curl agreement
During the period of your feedback, we have not made any changes on our side.

Have you got any clues?



Looks like we are getting a rate limiting error from Solarman -

“trannergy appId insufficient allowance, code=2101010”

Solarman support would need to increase this for PVOutput users.

Feel free to CC the pvoutput email on support requests to solarman.

Hello bankstownbloke

Seems solarman updated their system, to use a new API URL, please see:

Now we are delighted to inform you that we have successfully upgrade data centers. If you are using the “International Data Center”, we kindly remind that you use the new OPENAPI domain to access the platform, replacing the previous domain Your APPID and APPSECRET will remain the same, but you will need to obtain a new token to access the platform.

Can you please update that?

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Thanks for the heads up, will need to verify and test this first.


Sure, please let me know if i can contribute in any way for this tests :slight_smile:

Would be great if this could be updated to work with the new Solarman API indeed. My inverter stopped uploading data since the migration on 17/4/2023 as well so I’m also happy to help or verify if it works!

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Ditto. Would be great to have it working again as I struggle a bit with the Trannergy website. Only other problem since the earlier changes is that, for me at least, the daily totals are only approximate, I am guessing this might be because it downloads instantaneous power values rather than, say, the cumulative value? Thank you everyone.

The solarman domain has been updated -


Thank you for the quick fix :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

Thank you very much!


I have gaps in the auto upload from solarman API. Tgere are some 0W each day, and since pvoutput uses the power not energy variable from the API the overall production daily is less than actually.

Anybody experiencing same behavior? Thanks!

Hi ,
do you also get voltage , feed in and consumption from the solarman API?

No, no voltage - and as I have no consumption measurement, I can’t tell about the others.

It is now possible to use the “Both” and “Consumption” direction in the Trannergy Auto Uploader.