No data from Motech

I’ve had the integrated service running for years but I’ve had to reinstall windows.

Clean install of Integration Service and PVMate

Got everything up and running but the data push to pvoutput looks to have a issue

Last 3 lines of the log as follows

2021-09-01 17:03:43,670 INFO [Thread-1] ( - Service: [] Test: false, End: 19:30
2021-09-01 17:03:43,670 INFO [Thread-1] ( - Loaded 1 Readers (Import: 0, Export: 1)
2021-09-01 17:03:45,673 INFO [Thread-1] ( - Startup Complete: Waiting for data…

Looks to be a minor config issue. Anyone know why the batchstatus is throwing False?

Thanks in advance dave

Anyone? BB?

Tried everything. Seems to be working but no live data on PVoutput

Forgot to include my ID 5219, paid service, in the first post

I know it’s something simple. BTW Running Windows 11

I’ve run this

received this “Bad request 400: Date is older than 90 days [20210428]”

The Integration Service startup looks fine. There is probably no data in the Motech database, i.e. the inverter is no recording data.

Rogy Thanks BB I’ll check that now

Update Sorted. Thanks for the help

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