No data download since new nbn modem

what do I need to change in my system configuration to restart the auto download of solar production since a new modem was installed following my connection to the nbn in Sydney on 24 July ?. Previously no problems since my ap system was installed in 2014 and energy production was automatically forwarded to pv output.

HI, I answer you from Italy, when I change my modem in order not to change other things I usually give the same Name to the network and use the same previous Password, usually this is enough to keep everything running.

More info would be useful. What system do you have and how does it connect to the internet? Via Wifi? Via Ethernet cable? What changed with NBN? Did you get a new router And/or Wifi access point? Has your Wifi SSID changed?
I’m betting your WiFi SSID or WiFi password has changed and you need to update them in your inverter, or as the previous poster suggests, set your SSID and password to what it was before you got the new modem.

Thank you for your suggestion . A later respondent agreed with your thoughts. AS he surmised, I recently received a new modem and wifi password and my ap system is connected to the internet through wifi. I now have to figure out how to make the necessary changes. I have micro inverters , rather than a single inverter and need to do some research to figure out my next step.

Thanks for your input. Your ideas about my set up were spot on. Please see my reply to the other respondent