No data aggregation


We are back! Our newest plant is running for several years now. This week I finally made some time to sync the data of our two inverters (with SBFspot) and took PVO out of the freezer. It got frozen after my previous plant was transferred to my brother. Always been a great fan of PVO.

So, two inverters means two systems synchronizing successfully:

But the parent system is having troubles aggregating the data:

(both child system are active, automatically uploaded and linked to the parent system / 87064)

I have tried all the suggestions on this forum (re-editing childs/parents), other fora and I even did some extra googling, but no success. I must be doing something wrong or am I overlooking something? Is a minimum of data / output required before aggregation is activated?

Following this one… i have the same problems… but only one of my systems does not go to the parent. Did you sync the timezones?

Absolutely no idea whats happening with aggregation. It just does not work :frowning:

I synchronized the timezones of all systems, as suggested in another thread. No success so far. I am more or less working in the dark here…

This issue has been fixed, parent system 87064 is showing data now.

Thanks @japieg and @Addow for reporting the issue.

Lovely @bankstownbloke, this looks more like it! Thanks for the quick fix.