No data after 09.00 hours, but there is data send



This morning I added my solaredge system and a energy logger (DSMR Reader) to my pvoutout account.

I do not see any data after 09.00 hours.
And I can see that my energie logger (DSMR Reader) did sent information 12 minutes ago. I have no idea why the solaredge is not sending data the API key is verified and working.

Did I do something wrong or am I just to fast?

Thanks :slight_smile:


According to the comment field, your system is being updated though.

Perhaps first try and only use the SolarEdge to push data? So stop DSMR Reader from adding data to the system, to make sure that isn’t causing trouble. Solve one problem at a time :slight_smile:


True, maybe it was not the smartest thing to do hahaha.
I disabled the DSMR and now wait for the solaredge to kick in.

I deleted the old data to make sure that my DSMR Reader stopped.

I found out that my API key was invalid, so basically the API test failed and this is causing the issues.