No Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly graph

I see no daily, weekly, monthly or yearly graph when I’m logged in, the table is there with the correct numbers, but no graphs whatsoever.
When I’m logged out, I see all graphs.
What can be the cause of this ?

Update: when I’m logged in I do see the extended data on the daily, weekly etc graphs.
But no generation or consumption graphs.

Which system is this for?

All my systems, but you can look at SID 90350

Funny, I just see that there’s no graph on any system at when i’m logged in. Generation and efficiency are greyed out

Can’t you click on “Generation” or “Efficiency” to make them visible?

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Haha, that works. In my mind greyed out means disabled/not available, not something to press on as nothing will happen anyway.
Small edit: the confusion was also caused by the fact that live data is always all on when you reload a page, but on daily etc pages the on/off state is remembered.
Would be good to make behaviour the same.