No cumulative graph for pvintegration service

I upload my electricity usage using pvintegration service and all is well. If my pc fails for an hour or so, when I get things working again, the intraday page has a gap in the power graph, but the cumulative usage for the day jumps up to continue the correct cumulative figures.The data comes from a Current cost envi monitor on channel o

I use the same service and current cost device to upload my gas usage - that is on channel 2 of the ENVI. However if I get an interruption in uploading for an hour the cumulative figures don’t keep track - so the cumulative figures are wrong at the end of the day.

I have checked the PVOUTPUT settings for both systems and they are identical net calculation etc. Try as I might I can’t understand why one system keeps the cumulative figures correctly but the other doesn’t. Here’s the 2 graphs for comparison (if they display on the community site):-
gas see after 9am in the morning the cumulative doesn’t cumulate when it comes back at 19.00.

for electricity

When there is a gap in the data the missing energy is calculated by taking the lowest known power value (i.e standby power).

The lowest known power output for the Gas system is 1W (745 minute gap) and the electric system is 272W (260 minute gap). This has resulted in a jump of 12Wh vs 1179Wh.

I get it - Thanks BB