No access to pvoutput on one computer

I have 2 laptops and a mobile and all can load pvoutput except one laptop which refuses to load I get “ didn’t send any data”
Restarted computer - used chrome and Edge and always get same response. It can’t be anything wrong with pvoutput but if anyone has any clues it would be interesting to hear them.

I have solved my own problem. In case anyone else has the problem, I have NORD VPN installed on the errant laptop and after uninstalling it all is now well. Beware VPN’s!

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I have isolated the issue NORD VPN offerfs “web protection” as well as giving access to other countries’ IP addresses and it was that feature which was troublesome - it sees PVOUTPUT as threat! maybe some high folluting technicality - cerificate or something. I turned off “Web protection” and all is well and NORD works as it should.

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