New User Setup Help Please

Hi All,

First up, brand new to PVOutput. I am trying to connect my solar inverters to PVOutput and basically have no idea of how to go about this.

Is there a new user FAQ or something in here? I’ve tried searching for things like New System and Newbie and New User but nothing turns up that I can see.

My setup is:

  1. SMA 10000TL inverter running with 5.5kW worth of panels. Inverter is ethernet connected and also bluetooth communications.

  2. Growatt 5500MTL inverter running 6.5kW worth of panels. Inverter is WiFi connected using Growatt WiFi-S dongle.

I realise to get both systems active I need to be a donator - I only want to get one system online first to play with PVOutput a bit. When I can see what it does I’ll look at adding the second system.

I should ass, I have downloaded the PVOutput app for Android and also Oxley Solar app and put in the API and System ID on both. When I hit the back button in PVOutput I get an error message saying:

“Failed to load data - No system or data found.”

When I press OK the app just closes.

I do have bluetooth comms to Oxley Solar working.

Basically, how do I do this!! Any help in pointing me to reading matter or general help would be awesome.


Hi Craig, try top of PVOutput page the Help tab in blue, Jim

This should get you to the page to help you setup your account(s).

Hi Craig, i just noticed that because i set the word Help in brackets it was deleted from my post to you