New Trannergy Logging migration webpage has virus

I got this notice from Trannergy:

See below. Seems I have to update.

However, the log1 webpage has a virus that gets caught by my antivirus package.

Anyone else seen this?

Dear Customer,

Thank you for using Trannergy inverters.

In order to provide better service, we will upgrade Trannergy monitoring platform to 3rd generation.

This new generation platform will provide more functions and better performance. All data on current platform will be migrated to new platform.

If you are just using the 1st generation monitoring platform, web portal and/or APP Trannergy-log, the data migration will be done on 26th & 27th August and this server will stop service on 10th Sept. and forwards.

If you are just using the 2nd generation monitoring platform, web portal and/or APP Trannergy home/professional, the data migration is planned to be completed by the end of this year.

If you had migrated your account from 1st generation monitoring platform to 2nd before, your account is subjected to the 1) item.

When the migration starts, the platform, where the data is being moved, will no longer support account registration and data modification.

For the customers on the 1st generation monitoring platform, you could log in the 3rd generation monitoring platform, web portal and/or APP, from 28th August 2021.

or contact your installer/supplier or Trannergy.
There is also online engineer available for assistance on new web portal and APP.

Thanks for your acknowledge of above content and we believe a better monitoring service/experience is coming.

Stay safe

Trannergy Monitoring

Yes, I received also this virus warning (with bitdefender internet security) when visiting Which warning (virus) did you see?

We have blocked this dangerous page for your protection:

Threat Name: Trojan.GenericKD.37442276
Dangerous pages attempt to install software that can harm your device, collect personal information, and act without your consent.

Yes, that’s the one.