New to Solar. need help getting stats from my Epever MPPT uploaded into PVouput

Currently have my Epever MPPT connect to my RPi 3 using InfluxDB and Grafana. Would love to get that data uploaded into PVoutput as i also have a separate system (MPP 2424) that is currently being updated into PVoutput via a separate Rpi using ICC software. Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Might need to do some scripting to extract the data from the InfluxDB.

Do you or can you setup node red, you can then push the data up that way, that is what I am using at the moment and works well.

I have a Solarman logger, I need the appId and scretId. I sent several emails requesting this information but got no return. Would anyone have the right way to pass me?