New setup: FTP credentials bad [Webbox]


Hi, I just went through the process to configure my Webbox upload settings for FTP. The credential returned appear to be bad and are return “FTP connection test failed: 530 Authentication failed.” when testing via. my Webbox.
When do a test connection with another FTP client the credentials works normally.

Any help in getting this setup would be appreciated. System name is Solar-Lelystad-AH sid=72868.

Thank you,



Note that the server only allows 1 connection per system username, disconnect the manual test connection then try again with the webbox.


The upload is working…

Next issue is to aggregate the 9 inverters to one value. Will now investigate the XML.


Hi perhaps the data aggregation in pvo might help in getting the 9 inverters to report a total output,it uses a 9 child systems and a parent system to do this,jim


This approach fixed my issue: SMA Webbox Generation Totals don't match

I added this to the Power Key option: