New rates for the new year

Entered new rates for changes that occured Jan 1. Ever since, nothing appears to be recalculating. What am I missing, please? -Alex

Which system is this for?

System #86430 which is a parent to #86684 and #89473 is the one in question…

Here’s a bit more info that might help sort this out.

“Cherrystone prior” (#85662) appears to be working fine. Has been running ok for about 18 months, appears to have picked up this year’s new rates. It is fed by PiA and Eagle 200 (06294) and the “saved” calculation appears to work fine there. Here, both devices feed into a single system name, “Cherrystone prior”, #85662

System #86430 doesn’t seem to be picking up rates with the new year. Though I think I set them properly. This system uses a second set of devices here in the house. The second set of devices pull from the same inverter and electrice meter as follows: piB (generation to #86684) and consumption (eagle 200 aka 0064b4 to #89473)) tally up to a parent called “Combination 0064b4.piB.” And it is this second setup #86430 that doesn’t appear to be calculating “saved.”

You might ask why I have one system feeding in to PVO two different ways. Am experimenting, mucking around to see how things work on your site.


It has picked the correct plan, although the plan itself is using a Gross import/export tariff - perhaps this should be “Net” instead.


That did the trick. Thank you!